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In Hell Architect you play, you guessed it, an architect of hell. Your job here is to build new prisons for the lost souls and sinners who have found themselves “below”. Like all good (or bad) big corporations, Hell is a tightly run ship, and under the watchful eye of Lilith of Human Resources, you must find the most creative ways to get as much suffering out of sinners as possible who want to be in eternity spend this hot spot.

That’s not all.

Climb Low On the corporate ladder, you must gain the approval of Hell’s greatest and most feared devils, including chief honcho Lucifer himself, as they evaluate your hard work, as well as your sense of aesthetics and thrift!

You have a variety of options available to start making your own hell. All lost souls arriving through the gates have their own abilities and characteristics. So use them to harvest resources and do the grunt work while you focus on exploring buildings to make sure your stay in Hell is as “comfortable” as possible. From toilets and canteens to shrines and demonic conference rooms, your hell must be ready to accommodate more lost souls and demonic VIPs who will continue to fall into your domain, all of which require your attention in many different ways. Remember, the more souls that arrive, the more demands will be placed on your resources. So make sure to manage your workers and keep growing your empire to impress the boss.

And don’t forget, if one of your employees gets out of hand, the tools are available to get them back in shape.


Leonardo Interactive and developer Woodland Games invite you to put your boring 9 to 5 day job aside and unleash your more creative side as you take on the role of a promising new architect of Hell in the gritty survival simulation Hell Architect when it starts for PC (steam) on August 18, 2021.

Main features:

  • Create the hell of your dreams: Flex your creative muscles to design, build and set up 9 infamous levels of Hell in single player campaign mode, or spend an eternity in hell creating your own chaotic masterpiece from scratch in Sandbox mode.
  • If you build it, they will suffer !: Start with simple buildings like power plants (yes, they need those in Hell too!) And canteens for your hungry workers, and expand your empire with shrines and intricate torture devices to increase the suffering of your tired residents.
  • Management is the key: Harvesting resources, building infrastructure, and expanding your hell will be the keys to your success. A constant stream of new lost souls will make more hands available, but it will require keeping them going.
  • Crack the whip: Treat the sinners sent to your humble apartment with various fun (or less fun) sources of suffering, whether it be to punish them for disobedience or just for fun. Your hell, your choices.
  • Hell has never looked so good: The stylish 2D art style blends in perfectly with the brutal, bloody themes and is rounded off by outstanding dark humor.
  • Guest appearances: Play as legendary characters, a diverse roster of the most despicable sinners in history who fall into your domain, each with special skills to build your diabolical masterpiece.

Hell Architect comes to the pc (steam) on August 18, 2021.

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