With the Tego Adventure Kit you can build your own individual utility belt … as if you were Batman


With 7 modules to choose from, the Tego Adventure Kit lets you slide on, pull off, swap and rearrange your travel set to build exactly what you need. The roll-up bag is perfect for everything from your mechanical tools to stationery, gadgets, toiletries, toiletries, makeup, medical instruments, or even your high-tech crime-fighting equipment if you’re a masked vigilante. Its modules allow you to take a wide variety of accessories with you wherever you go, and you can roll everything up into a compact little bundle that you can easily take with you.

Designer: Parker Thomas

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The Tego Adventure Kit takes the format of the roll-up toolkit and turns it into something much more polished and infinitely versatile. The basic structure of the bag lies in its various modules – or sets of mesh bags – which are all designed differently in order to transport different things. Whether you are carrying tools or toothbrushes, care utensils or charging cables or just about any small item, the Tego Adventure Kit offers you different modules to easily organize, store and separate them as needed.

The interchangeable modules can be rearranged in up to 327 different variations so that you can really organize everything down to the last detail. You can attach multiple modules together to create a longer roll-up bag, or you can just use the modules individually and put them in your backpack as organizational bags.

The Roll Up Toolkit is designed to help you easily “arrange” your tools in a nice layout so that you can see them all and choose the ones you need based on the task at hand. The Tego Adventure Kit works similarly: you can organize and bundle your things for easy take with you, and you can roll it all out flat so you can access exactly what you need, whenever you need it. Then the mesh-lined modules come in handy too, with which you can basically easily identify all of your items.

All modules of the Adventure Kit are made of a durable, waterproof fabric made from recycled plastic bottles (each Tego Adventure Kit uses 2.7 bottles per kit). Depending on your needs, you can use the Adventure Kit as an easy-to-carry toolkit, make-up kit, travel cosmetic bag, stationery set or simply as a bag to carry your technical accessories such as cables, multiports, hubs, USB sticks and SD -Cards.

The modules slide up and down so you can expand your kit or just carry the things you really need, and the roll-up kit comes with a nifty little hanger so you can roll up and hang your kit anywhere can – quite a useful feature if you use it to store your toiletries, toiletries, or makeup kit while traveling!

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