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Jim Christie, Principal at Civil & Environmental Consultants, presents the master plan for the parks in Vienna at the Vienna City Council meeting. (Photo by James Dobbs)

VIENNA – Civil & Environmental Consultants presented a master plan for parks and Burgess & Niple an infrastructure overview at the Vienna City Council meeting on Thursday.

Jim Christie, Director at Civil & Environmental Consultants, presented a flip book for digital projects that explained the overtime hours proposed or required in city parks by Viennese citizens. Christie said the flip book will be sent to the city council for posting on the city’s website when the plan is finalized.

“We have made several trips here, we have a lot of contact with the public,” he said. “We look at it with this new vision, but we listen to everything we change.”

He said the company focused on the McDonough Wildlife Refuge, Jackson Memorial Park, Spencer Park, Spencer’s Landing and the 12th Street property. Christie said Spencer’s Landing has some incredible opportunities. He spoke about the reorganization of the parking lot, a drop-off area, a soft-launch boat area, an outdoor dining area, concessions, a splash pool, a playground, the Gold Star Families Memorial movement, a fishing pier, and an auditorium, among others.

Christie also discussed three pool designs for Jackson Pool, including cabanas, slides, water climbing walls, soft launch floating play elements, baby pool and splash guards. The third design involved moving the pool below its current location to the shallow area near Pond Run and converting the community center into a parking lot. Christie said this would allow the existing pool to remain open for the summer while the new one is built. Christie said the next step is to talk to the city council and board about their project priorities.

Councilor Tom Azinger asks questions during infrastructure review at Vienna City Council meeting. (Photo by James Dobbs)

Craig Richards, Director of Engineering Services at Burgess & Niple, gave a presentation on the five year plan for Vienna and the water, sewage and pond projects under consideration.

Richards said the major sewer projects were line rehabilitation and replacement, 11th Avenue sewer replacement, Woodland Heights sewer replacement, 12th Street sewer replacement, and the main to Parkersburg at an estimated total construction cost of $7 $.93 million. He said the key water projects are Wells 9 and 10, small-diameter replacements, main reinforcements and the 20th Street Booster Station, with an estimated total construction cost of $3.15 million. He said the key pond projects are Pond Run, Glenbrook Pond and Greenmont Ponds with an estimated total construction cost of $960,000.

Craig Metz, Director of Public Works, said they have been working on this study for about 15 years.

“Once we’ve borrowed the money, you’ll have to raise interest rates.” he said.

Councilor Tom Azinger asked what the rough estimate would be to complete all of the projects listed. Metz said it all “drawing board,” and the five-year plan would cost $15 million or more.

Richards said the next step is for the supply committee to decide what to do with the projects, whether to bundle them and do them all at once, or break them up into phases.

Metz said all projects are important, but the main line to Parkersburg and the 12th Street sewer replacement are the more important sewer projects and will help alleviate some of the overflow problems.

Mayor Randall Rapp said the city is reviewing grants, bonds and rate hikes to see what the best option is to receive or borrow funds for the projects. Rapp also said the council needs to keep an eye on Senate Bill 132, which aims to eliminate local government business and employment taxes. Rapp said Vienna is very high in retail and takes $2.8 million annually from its B&O taxes, and losing those taxes would hurt the city’s budget.

“It will be devastating for any city participating in this program,” said Rapp.

The council approved the decision to establish the procedure for selecting a provisional council member and the council decided that the candidates would all be interviewed during the same session, with one being sworn in that night. The meeting to temporarily fill the vacant seat on the Council will take place on February 1 at 18:00. The council made an amendment to explain that all applications must be received at the city building by January 28 to be eligible for candidacy.

In other stores:

* Council approved Matheny Motors’ Parks Department bids for a 2022 GMC Sierra 2500 4WD for $36,142 and a 2022 GMC Sierra 3500 4WD with dump body and plow for $78,496.

* The council approved the revision of the internal budget of the general fund to cover the costs of the alarm system for the fire brigade.

* The Council approved the resolution to authorize Wiener Stadtwerke to authorize and authorize the preparation of the technical design work order for the 45th place.

* The Council approved the resolution declaring a vacancy in the Council.

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