Treasury court begins hearings on tower renovation, uses community fund – Winchester Sun


The Clark County Finance Court hearing last Thursday included several issues, including approval of a bid for renovation work on the Community Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP) communications tower and a request to transfer funds to the Winchester-Clark County Parks and Recreation Division.

Located on Irvine Road, a bid was offered by Master Electrical Services to refurbish the tower at a cost of $538,507. An application for approval and the start of the negotiation process for this offer was granted by the finance court.

“That [bid] is still above the budget the CSEPP folks gave us,” said Perri Wilson, Clark County EMA/CSEPP Director. “It’s not quite over yet. We have to work with that.”

Because Chief Steve Asbury of the Clark County Fire Department will be out of town for much of July, Wilson has been named EMA Assistant Director.

In addition, an application to the Winchester-Clark County Parks and Recreation Board to purchase $63,150 from the Community Fund for certain projects has been approved. Construction of Harmon Park, Lykins Park and College Park has already begun. This will be separate from funding.

“A lot of gear and stuff has come in and they want one [Funding] Draw on it,” Magistrate Daniel Konstantopoulos said. “We had talked about learning how to fund, but the problem has come up that now they need a draw and we don’t really have funding… My recommendation is that 50% of the draw is $63,150.”

The ultimate goal is to return the amount back to the community fund after the funding process.


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