The Rumphius Foundation awards grants to five deserving students


Boston, MA, Sept. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The Rumphius Foundation, a nonprofit committed to community empowerment, education, and the protection of the environment, is proud to announce its Number of grants has more than doubled this year. At a time of exceptional need for nonprofits, the Rumphius Foundation has awarded five grants to a group of diverse nonprofits. From a bus delivering agricultural produce to communities with no access to equine therapy for vulnerable adolescent girls, they all invest in human potential and reconnect people.

“My husband Mike taught us how to overcome all the barriers life presents,” said Candace Schuller, director of the Rumphius Foundation. “He always said ‘Seize the day!’ And that is exactly what these five organizations have done at a very challenging time. They found a way to reconnect people when people really needed connection, love and support. Your programs have rerouted paths and opened doors to a better future. “

The Rumphius Foundation is proud to provide grants to the following non-profit organizations:

CORRAL offers young girls in high risk situations and their communities the skills, resources and opportunities to gain access to a bright future. They do this through a long-term, holistic program of equine therapy and training. Like the Rumphius Mission, they seek to strengthen their community by meaningfully sowing seeds of hope and joy for the girls referred to their organization. CORRAL cares for about 70 girls per year, 40 of whom receive horse-assisted psychotherapy, educational support and skills to heal and be successful in life through CORRAL’s long-term program, the riding academy. The Rumphius Scholarship supports their overall program to give girls the trust and care they need to break the damaging cycles they often find themselves in.

The Growcery Store Bus Project is designed to increase exposure to farm-to-table food while also informing communities that are normally excluded from consideration. Their mission is to “connect farmers with people and reconnect people with real food”. The products on the bus come from disadvantaged farmers and small black businesses. The brightly painted bus is an eye-catcher and delivers fresh products, herbs, spices and oils to enrich the diet and strengthen the immune system. With funds from the Rumphius Foundation, sustainable packaging, biodegradable garbage bags and additional recycling bins are purchased for buyers. In addition, they have developed a labeling system based on socio-emotional learning to help people better understand what they are consuming. The grant will also be used to print these labels on biodegradable paper.

Guerrilla Gardeners of Washington DC improve neglected public spaces in underserved communities in our nation’s capital. They work with residents to provide guidance, volunteer work, and materials to create more attractive, usable, and safer spaces for their neighborhoods. Your goal is to empower residents to maintain and expand on these improvements. In 2020, Guerrilla Gardeners initiated the Potomac Triangle Parks Reclamation Project to improve the landscape of two neglected and unused public spaces in the heart of a high crime public housing area. The gentrification of the surrounding quarter exacerbates the inequality of living conditions. The project aims to create a safe place where residents can come out from behind the fences of their complex and be hugged by their neighbors. The Rumphius Scholarship supports their internship program, which recruits youth from the local community and can lead to enrollment in the University of the District of Columbia’s Master Gardener or Master Naturalist certification programs as a career path. Additionally, Miss Rumphius is now one of the books read to children at events in the garden of the Potomac Triangle Park, and a copy is given to each child.

Root to Rise is a yoga and meditation-based youth mentoring program that helps break the cycles of family trauma, poverty and drug use. Participants are 14 to 21 years old and live in Turners Falls, Massachusetts and surrounding communities. The Rumphius Foundation financed their new garden project in 2020, which enabled the girls and volunteers to create a beautiful garden on a plot of land donated by a neighbor. The garden was a haven during the pandemic, allowing the girls to be aloof and outside while drawing the attention of neighbors who stopped by to visit and donate plants. The new garden plot grows into a place full of blossoming trees, bushes and secret corners where the girls can find peace.

Sawhorse Revolution nurtures confident, community-minded students through the power of carpentry and craft. They organize teams of high school youths led by professional carpenters and architects to create needed community projects. The Rumphius Scholarship supports the construction of a sustainable, student-designed tiny home that will be placed in a city-sanctioned homeless village in Seattle, Washington. The house is made from 80% recycled materials chosen by students on trips to local junk yards. Once the tiny house is set up, it can serve up to 40 people over the next 10 years. This house will instill a seed of hope and joy in the people who inhabit it and the students who build it, important targets for projects funded by the Rumphius Foundation.

The Rumphius Foundation awards grants every year and is currently looking for funding applications for 2022. Projects that correspond to the foundation’s purpose are funded. Proposals for the next funding cycle must be submitted by January 15, 2022 using an online form. To make a donation, please visit

About the Rumphius Foundation

Founded in 2013 by the late Michael C. Schuller, the Rumphius Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit that supports communities and educators to empower the future of our youth and the environment. Named after the children’s book Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney, in which the main character tries to make the world a little more beautiful, the foundation supports charitable projects that promote community, education and sustainability. With these projects, the foundation would like to remind the next generation to leave the world more beautiful than it found it. More information about the Rumphius Foundation can be found at


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