Terrace installations remain high as contractors catch up


CLEVELAND, Oct 19, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Installing new decks was one of the big trends in the pandemic-era home renovation boom as consumers tried to use the space available in their gardens for activities like gardening, cooking, entertaining, swimming, or just enjoying the scenery:

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  • Pools and spas, outdoor kitchens, and other high quality outdoor residential complexes like gazebos and sheds – all of which are in high demand with homeowners during the pandemic – often require hardscaping for their installation.

  • In addition, many restaurants and bars that tried to stay afloat during the pandemic expanded and improved the outdoor seating areas by installing patios and other hardscapes to allow social distancing.

The sale of pavers remains up in the short term as the contractors catch up

As a result of these trends, the demand for paving clinker – a popular hardscaping product for patio installations – rose by almost 7% in 2020, according to a new analysis by the Freedonia Group. While DIY sales rose by leaps and bounds in 2020, the professional market did not grow as quickly, which prevented even faster growth overall – and left additional room for growth in the short term:

  • In addition to financial uncertainty, healthy concerns and other pandemic-related factors that hampered sales at the start of the pandemic, labor shortages, long waiting times and supply chain slowdowns resulted in some projects being further postponed even as economic conditions improved.

  • Although long latencies and supply chain issues will persist through 2021, they will continue to become less important, allowing projects to be completed with delays.

The study predicts that sales of road pavers will remain increased in the short term, as the pent-up demand for large-scale hardscaping installations is covered. However, the large number of installations completed during the pandemic will limit future sales opportunities and growth will slow down through 2025 to 2025 $ 1.7 billionwith most of the profits coming from price increases.

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Pavers studies the US paver industry by product, market, and material. For paver demand, historical data (2010, 2015 and 2020) and forecasts for 2025 and 2030 are presented in US dollars (including inflation) and in units.

Paving stones are divided into two types:

The market scope of the study consists of the following types:

  • Housing markets (conventional single-family houses, multi-family houses such as apartments and prefabricated houses)

  • commercial markets (institutional buildings; office, commercial, and housing structures; industrial facilities; and other commercial facilities such as airport and bus terminals, recreational buildings, police stations, fire stations, and prisons)

  • Non-building markets, including transportation infrastructure such as highways and roads; and utilities, including sewer and water utilities, power and telecommunications infrastructure

The residential and commercial market includes both new construction and renovation.

The demand for pavers is also broken down into the following geographic regions in the United States:

  • Northeast

  • Middle West

  • south

  • west

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