Sawmill Spook-tacular Event at the Haunted Sawmill


Vincent and his creepy crew are preparing for October


The Haunted Sawmill, 700 Hendricks St. in Merrill, is holding a Sawmill Spook-tacular event on Friday, September 24th.
“It’s going to be a full costume rehearsal for our actors and crew,” said Jerry Hersil, president of The Friends of Vincent Foundation, Inc’s mission to help children in the Merrill community.
“But we will also invite our sponsors and offer the community tickets at half price.”
The gates are open from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and tickets for this event are $ 7.50 each.
“The event is open to everyone, but we are particularly focusing on our sponsors and the family and friends of the Scare Crew,” he said. The leaders will work with the actors to help them develop their acting and “scare” techniques.
“This will be the test run for our troop display idea,” said Hersil. “The troops are groups of actors who cling to some of our unsuspecting guests and follow them all the way through the haunted place. The troop concept enables our actors not to have to stand in one place and to expand their acting spectrum. “
“We’re inviting Louisiana Pacific to join us starting at 6:30 pm to name our common room after them,” said Hersil, “in recognition of all of their sponsorship over the years.”
As one of their biggest sponsors since its inception, they have donated sheets of plywood each year that have allowed them to remodel the exterior and build spaces inside the venue. “Your donations have also given our youth volunteers materials to paint works of art, give them hands-on training on tools while helping with construction, and teach them important building skills,” he said. “You are of inestimable value to us. You can’t look at the Haunted Sawmill without seeing their materials in every facet of the project. “


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