Rain damages electrical infrastructure in Bengaluru


Sunday night’s heavy downpour caused much electrical damage across the city, causing power outages, particularly in areas near the Outer Ring Road (ORR).

According to reports from the Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (Bescom), a power station in Kadubeesanahalli had been shut down due to flooding, while some transformers elsewhere were also affected. About 15 power poles collapsed when trees fell on them.

“Our station at Kadubeesanahalli was severely flooded as there was an overflow from the BWSSB treatment plant next to it. The station had been shut down since 4 a.m. and power in the surrounding areas was affected. By evening, power was restored in all affected areas,” said SR Nagaraj, General Manager (Customer Relations), Bescom.

He further said that a transformer failed at the Jayadeva power station, causing a several-hour interruption, while some parts of Hoskote experienced a four-hour power interruption due to a transformer tripping at a station.

“In about four locations in Bengaluru, about three power poles were damaged when tree branches fell on them,” Mr Nagaraj said.

Heavy electrical damage was reported in August as a total of 1,823 utility poles, 174 transformers and 55 double pole (DP) structures were damaged in regions under Bescom’s jurisdiction.

When heavy rains hit the city on August 30, 287 trees/branches fell on power lines and 419 power poles and 13 transformers were damaged.

While over 500 and 700 pylons collapsed in June and July, respectively, the highest numbers were reported in May. A total of 4,905 pylons collapsed in the month, while 6,024 lines were damaged by trees and branches. In addition, 353 transformers and 152 DP structures were also affected.


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