Power Design, the city’s largest private employer, is a St. Pete success story


One of St. Pete’s greatest local success stories is also one of the best kept secrets for those of us outside of the construction world. Tucked away north of town, Power Design Inc – and the sprawling modern campus it calls home – is Burg’s largest private employer, with thousands joining the locally run company.

Power Design started out as a small family business in St. Pete – so small that his first office was founder Mitch Permuy’s dining table. His children can still remember crawling under the glass table as children while their father and his partners pored over blueprints on the tabletop. Now, Power Design is one of the nation’s leading contractors with a 35-acre campus in St. Pete and satellite operations across the country.

Today the company employs more than 3,000 people in everything from engineering and design to marketing, technology and even an impressive group of chefs and baristas. As for the work of the company itself, Power Design has become something of a one-stop shop for building developers. By specializing in so many different areas (a rarity in this field), Power Design helps streamline construction processes by completing work that typically requires multiple contractors.

They focus in particular on the expansion of electrical, mechanical, plumbing and system technologies for construction projects. This area includes everything from lighting in conference rooms to carbon filtration in parking garages, with all the fire alarms, bathrooms and literal nuts and bolts in between.

The local company powers St. Pete’s economy

While it is of course their professional services that make them important to their clients and partners, it is Power Design’s role in the community that makes it so special to St. Pete. In so many growing Florida cities, it’s a rarity that such a large company is not only headquartered locally, but was founded there. With another facility in South St. Pete and a massive warehousing operation across the skyway, Power Design is established as an economic engine for the individuals and families who actually live in the St. Pete area.

One of Power Design's classrooms
Photo by Ysanne Taylor

And the benefits have spread much further thanks to Power Design’s primary charity program, Project V5. The company uses millions of pounds of wire on its job sites across the country, resulting in a significant amount of excess wire. The program ensures that all wire is recycled for cash and profits are then donated directly to charities chosen by employees.

To date, the program has recycled almost 400 million pounds of wire, benefitting more than 500 charities that represent the company’s five core values: Integrity, Accountability, Teamwork, Innovation and Growth.

As part of Power Design’s commitment to St. Pete, it’s also an outlier in its industry as the company strives to keep as many of its employees on-site as possible, working from its office on 9th Street North. And for the proverbial icing on the cake, Power Design has been consistently ranked as one of America’s 100 Best Places to Work by outlets such as Fortune Magazine, Inc. and Glassdoor.

As it becomes more important than ever to preserve the things that make St. Pete unique, we are pleased to see a local business that has made it great and continues to invest in the community that has called it home since day one .

Learn more about the company at powerdesigninc.us.


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