PM welcomes the participation of Iranian companies in Armenia’s infrastructure projects


Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said the Caucasus country welcomes the involvement of Iranian firms in its infrastructure projects, while emphasizing the need to further improve bilateral ties.

Pashinyan made the remarks Thursday at a meeting with Ali Shamkhani, secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC), in Yerevan.

Pashinyan welcomed growing bilateral cooperation between Iran and Armenia and called for strengthening ties in all areas.

He welcomed the involvement of Iranian companies in infrastructure projects in Armenia, noting that Yerevan is ready to strengthen comprehensive ties in line with the interests of the Iranian and Armenian nations.

Resolve differences in dialogue

For his part, Shamkhani cited maintaining regional security and strengthening collective regional cooperation without the involvement of foreign powers as “the most pressing” needs of the region on the path to development.

He stressed the need to resolve differences through dialogue and avoid violence, adding: “Any tension in the region will prepare the ground for the presence and role-playing of trans-regional countries, and that will certainly not bring any benefit.”

He expressed his satisfaction with the level of political relations between the two countries, noting that “given the determination of the leaders of the two countries to develop comprehensive ties, the level of economic cooperation should also be correspondingly developed, and even Furthermore.”

Earlier Thursday, Shamkhani had a meeting with his Armenian counterpart Armen Grigoryan to discuss the state of bilateral relations.

The Iranian delegation arrived in Yerevan on Thursday morning as part of a trip to the Caucasus countries.

Iran’s Industry, Mines and Trade Minister Reza Fatemi Amin said in early March that Iran and Armenia had agreed to launch infrastructure projects.

“During meetings with Armenian Minister of Economy Vahan Kerobyan and Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure Gnel Sanosyan and Deputy Prime Minister of Armenia, we reached preliminary agreements on a number of issues such as the construction of dams and roads by Iranian companies in Armenia,” Fatemi said Amin said after visiting Yerevan.

“We have agreed to build a transit road to complete the infrastructure projects in Armenia in the long-term. Iranian companies will also participate in the relevant tenders,” he noted.

Iran has already announced its willingness to cooperate with Armenia in building a new transport route (Kajaran-Sissian road).

The 64-kilometer route is part of the Iran-Armenia-Georgia Transport Corridor, part of Iran’s bid to open the North-South Transport Corridor.

The North-South International Transport Corridor is a 7,200-kilometer multimodal network of ship, rail and road routes for freight transport between Iran, India, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Russia, Armenia, Central Asia and Europe.

It aims to strengthen trade connectivity between the regional and ultra-regional states.


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