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Harrisburg, Pa – PennDOT Secretary Yassmin Gramian announced today that Bridging Pennsylvania Partners (BPP) has been selected as what appears to be the best vendor to administer Major Bridge Public-Private Partnership (P3) initiative repair or replace up to nine bridges statewide. The Department and BPP will now enter into a pre-development agreement to complete the design and packaging of the bridges to be built, funded and serviced.

BPP consists of the following companies, including six companies headquartered in Pennsylvania:

  • Macquarie Infrastructure Developments LLC;
  • Shikun & Binui Concessions USA Inc.;
  • STV Incorporated (Douglasville);
  • FCC Construction, SA;
  • Shikun & Binui-America, Inc (Pittsburgh);
  • SAI Consulting Engineers, Inc. (Lemoyne);
  • Wagman Heavy Civil, Inc. (York);
  • Joseph B. Fay Company (Pittsburgh); and
  • H&K Group Inc. (Skipack).

“I am proud that we have reached this crucial milestone,” said Gramian. “Selecting a team brings us one step closer to delivering these important improvements to our infrastructure.”

BPP was selected based on criteria including experience and technical approach to delivering the project; their relevant experience and qualifications of key personnel; their investment and financial experience; and their overall understanding of the project and approach to meet all project requirements.

The initiative covers the refurbishment or replacement of selected bridges – grouped in packages – and all associated infrastructure investments related to that specific bridge, including road and access works, improvements to nearby affected roads and associated tolling infrastructure, such as toll roads. B. Bridge structures and toll buildings for each bridge.

The Department continues to conduct public participation and environmental assessments on the nine candidate bridges announced for review in February 2021.

The first bridge package, which will only include bridges that have completed the environmental process, is expected to be contracted by December 2022, at which time final design will begin, with construction expected to begin between fall 2023 and spring 2024. Subsequent packages will require more time for design and construction.

The members of the BPP team have a total of 21 offices in Pennsylvania and over 2,500 employees in Pennsylvania. All construction work must be performed by contractors who are prequalified to work in Pennsylvania, and at least 65 percent of construction work is subcontracted, creating opportunities for contractors, suppliers and vendors in Pennsylvania. Additionally, the pre-development agreement phase includes a target of 13.05 percent for disadvantaged businesses – such as women and minority-owned businesses – with additional opportunities in future phases of the project.

The P3 Large Bridges Initiative was approved on November 12, 2020 by the state P3 Board, which includes representatives from all four Legislative Assemblies. The initiative aims to increase toll revenue to address the state’s growing backlog of major bridge replacement and rehabilitation needs. The bridge toll can provide the funds to repair or replace these costly bridges without using PennDOT’s current funds, which in turn allows those funds to be used for other road maintenance, operations and improvements.

Since the project was approved, PennDOT has hosted three industry forums to educate potential private sector stakeholders on the scope and requirements. This is in addition to public relations for the PennDOT Pathways transportation funding initiative, the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act for each candidate bridge, and diverse engagement from lawmakers and stakeholders.

As part of that outreach, to date, PennDOT has conducted public online and in-person meetings for seven of the nine bridges being considered for the toll under the Major Bridge P3 initiative: I-83 South Bridge, I-78 Lenhartsville, I -81 Susquehanna and the four I-80 bridges at Canoe Creek, North Fork, Lehigh River, and Nescopeck Creek. In total, there were more than 180,000 unique visitors to the public assembly websites, 968 comments received and 404 in-person attendees at the open house during the comment periods.

The public can register for the month PennDOT Pathways Newsletter online for updates on this project and other transport finance topics.

Law 88 of 2012, the state’s P3 Transportation Act, allows PennDOT and other state agencies, transportation authorities and commissions to work with private companies to participate in the provision, maintenance and financing of transportation projects. The law created the seven-member Public Private Transportation Partnership Board, appointed to review and approve potential public-private transportation projects. Upon board approval, the department or relevant transportation agency may tender a competitive RFP and contract with a company to provide all or part of the transportation-related services or projects.

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