Pantera Tools for the introduction of the invoice function


Pantera Tools launches its direct billing feature, according to a Saturday (December 18th), which allows users to consolidate their business systems. Press release.

Pantera Tools offers software for the construction industry. The company said on its website that one of its goals is to reduce complexity.

Users can leverage the convenient payment processing feature through a partnership with PaySimple, which enables Pantera Tools to create and send invoices and track payments in the same system, the publication said. If a user has already started a free trial version of Pantera Tools, they can access the new function directly in their account.

The implementation of invoicing and payment processing will help prime contractors and subcontractors consolidate all project management, invoicing, field service tracking and document storage into the same software as released.

Founder and CEO of Pantera Tools DeWayne Adamson said in the press release that the company is “excited to offer invoicing and payment processing for” [its] Customers.”

“Our partnership with PaySimple enables us to bring our first piece to market in the final phase of our new job costing module, thus completing our suite of project management products,” he said in the press release. “We are pleased that our customers not only offer the world’s best bid management product, but can also access additional functions to save time and money on their projects.”

FinTechs and other types of businesses have been working to fix B2B issues, including invoicing.

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