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This week’s New Mexico in Focus, our state is grappling with how to spend nearly $4 billion in federal infrastructure funds. But how exactly is the process and how are potential projects prioritized? Correspondent Gwyneth Doland is sitting down with infrastructure consultant Martin Chávez to get some answers and let New Mexicans know how to track progress.

Next week is Sunshine Week, a celebration of open government and access to public information launched by the News Leaders Association more than 15 years ago. Transparency and public access were also the focus of the recently concluded legislative period. Shannon Kunkel from the Foundation for Open Government discusses where we stand as a state in terms of transparency and shows where there is still a lot to do.

Bernalillo County District Attorney Raul Torrez recently expressed concern about the underuse of a criminal diversionary program that targets nonviolent offenders. Instead of putting them directly into the criminal justice system, the program aims to shift them toward mental health, drug treatment, and housing services. The Line Opinion Panel discusses why the program may not be successful and whether changes need to be made. The group is also weighing the possible fate of a bill awaiting the governor’s signature that would change the way the state addresses cases of child abuse and neglect.

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NMiF segments

infrastructure priorities

Gwyneth Doland

Marty Chávez, infrastructure consultant for New Mexico

Transparency in NM Gov’t

Gwyneth Doland

Shannon Kunkel, Executive Director, NM Foundation for Open Government

The Line opinion panel
Edmund Perea, attorney and public safety consultant
Michael Bird, former President of the American Public Health Association
Julie Ann Grimm, Editor, Santa Fe Reporter

Gene Grant

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