Nexamp launches Developer Accelerator Program to accelerate adoption of renewable energy


Nexamp recently launched its Developer Accelerator Program, designed specifically for distributed power generation solar and storage developers seeking operational flexibility and execution security in the industry’s most promising growth markets.

As one of the leading national level asset owners, Nexamp has expanded its organic development track record by working with a variety of development partners with more than 500MW of successful distributed solar project acquisitions to date. The Company also performs internal construction, operations and maintenance, acquisition and management of community solar customers, and a full range of consumer services. In the last 18 months alone, the company has secured more than $1.5 billion in capital commitments for its portfolio of projects.

Solar system Braunschweig by Nexamp

The Developer Accelerator Program brings Nexamp’s capacity to an increasingly crowded field of skilled developers looking to pipeline scale in a highly competitive environment. By enabling partnerships earlier in the development lifecycle, Nexamp aims to increase the chances of success of individual projects and the overall pipeline for its qualified partners.

After competitive development and working capital, the program was designed as a developer-friendly model, reflecting the company’s in-house development methodologies and providing resources and responsiveness at a level often unattainable for smaller teams.

We arm these teams with the resources they need to advance their projects with confidence and access to a like-minded partner to help them overcome any obstacles along the way.

– said Zaid Ashai, CEO of Nexamp.

Similar to its pioneering community solar product design, Nexamp expects its customer-centric approach to deliver a flexible, industry-leading solution. Initial partnerships focused on active community solar markets, although the company is considering expanding options to cover burgeoning market programs currently under development.

“Nexamp has built a reputation for introducing innovative solutions that simplify and accelerate the deployment of renewable energy, and this program reflects that intent,” said John Murphy, Nexamp’s SVP of Corporate Development.

“Not only do we provide development capital, we aim to unleash the full potential of our development and policy expertise, our leading engineering and construction talent, and our efficient legal and financing capabilities to provide an optimized, best-in-class option for our growth to offer network of developer partners.”


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