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Maastricht, Netherlands, Oct. 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mosa Meat, a leader in cultured meat that grows beef directly from animal cells and introduced the first cultured hamburger in 2013, has announced the next step in the expansion of the company’s cultured beef production facilities .

A new development center for industrial production is being developed near Mosa Meat’s existing pilot plant in Maastricht. After demonstrating the pilot-scale beef farming process, Mosa Meat is now ready for the next phase of expansion, which will accommodate industrial-size production lines and enable larger beef production volumes.

“We have added 30,000 square feet of space in our next phase, bringing the total space of Mosa Meat to over 77,000 square feet,” said Maarten Bosch, CEO of Mosa Meat. “This makes us the world’s largest cultured meat campus and provides a solid foundation for our European and global commercialization plans.”

Global meat consumption is projected to increase by more than 40% by 2030, and Mosa Meat is part of a growing global movement to change the way meat is produced. Beef in particular is the protein with the highest carbon footprint, which is why Mosa Meat has focused on it since the company was founded in 2016.

In just a few years, Mosa Meat has grown to over 160 employees with over 80 scientists and the largest number of PhD students in the industry. The production team has quintupled to 15 employees in the last three months. At the same time, the company has also expanded its footprint at existing sites, including operations in Brightlands and the current pilot facility in Maastricht, where R&D capacity continues to grow. Together, this brings Mosa Meat one step closer to commercialization.

Mosa Meat plans to announce the opening of its industrial production development center in 2023.


About Mosa meat

Mosa Meat is a global food technology company pioneering a cleaner, gentler way to produce real beef. Our founders introduced the world’s first cultured beef hamburger in 2013 by growing it directly from cow cells. Founded in 2016, Mosa Meat is now expanding production of the same beef that people love, but in ways that are better for people, animals and the planet. As a diverse and growing team of food-loving problem solvers, we are united in our mission to fundamentally transform the global food system. Headquartered in Maastricht, The Netherlands, Mosa Meat is a privately held company backed by Blue Horizon, M Ventures, Bell Food Group, Nutreco, Mitsubishi Corporation, Leonardo DiCaprio and other high profile investors.

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