Michael Gove cracks down on landlords who profit from building unsafe homes


MICHAEL Gove will warn greedy landlords who benefit from building unsafe homes with dangerous cladding: “We’re coming for you.”

The housing minister will set out his plans today, including hiring forensic accountants to track down those responsible.


The housing minister will today set out his plans to track down landlords trying to save money by building unsafe homes with dangerous claddingcredit“>Photo credit: PA

Proposals to alleviate the scandal that trapped tenants in unsafe and unsaleable homes come over four years after the Grenfell Tower fire left 72 dead.

Mr. Gove is expected to announce that tenants in buildings between 11 m (36 feet) and 18 m (59 feet) will no longer need to borrow to cover remediation work.

He will warn builders, “I’m bringing this to their attention. If you sell dangerous products like cladding or insulation wrong, if you compromise on home development or renovation to save money, we are there for you.”

Ministers will pressure developers to cover this with threats with taxes or laws without new funding for the task.

Minister of Care Helen Whately promises that by the end of the year all unsafe Grenfell cladding will be ripped off buildings

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