Mack sells EV trucks to nonprofit recyclers


Mack Trucks, based in Greensboro, North Carolina, says Eco-Cycle, a nonprofit recycling and zero-waste organization based in Boulder, Colorado, has ordered a battery-powered electric vehicle (BEV) from Mack LR Electric. According to Mack, it is the first BEV that will add Eco-Cycle to its fleet.

The announcement was made during an event with Colorado Gov. Jared Polis and other representatives from Eco-Cycle, Bruckner’s Truck Equipment and Mack at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) in Boulder, Colorado.

“Mack is delighted that Eco-Cycle has chosen to order the Mack LR Electric to help them meet their zero waste and now zero emissions commitment,” said Jonathan Randall, Mack’s senior vice president of sales and Operations. “Congratulations to Eco-Cycle for raising the bar and becoming the first company in the composting industry to operate a battery electric vehicle in the country.”

Four NMC lithium-ion batteries (nickel-manganese-cobalt oxide) drive the vehicle and supply the truck’s on-board accessories with energy.

“Eco-Cycle is excited to partner with Mack and their global leadership in our transition to electric vehicle collection,” said Suzanne Jones, executive director of Eco-Cycle. “Mack has not only developed a state-of-the-art electric truck, but their deep understanding of the challenges of innovation makes them an exceptional partner. From extensive testing of the LR Electric to working with Bruckner’s, the local dealer, Mack has built a platform that we are confident will enable our mutual success.”

Eco Cycle was founded in 1976. Eco-Cycle volunteers brought curbside recycling to Boulder that same year, making the town one of the first 20 in the United States to offer curbside recycling, according to a Mack press release.

“Eco-Cycle is proud to be pioneering the first commercial-scale electric-powered compost collection truck to fuel the transition to electrifying commercial-scale fleets and continue our zero-waste, zero-emissions mission for a more climate-resilient future merge,” says Jones. “This effort is consistent with Eco-Cycle’s long history of pioneering ‘firsts’ for the recycling, composting and waste industries.”

Eco-Cycle plans to have the Mack LR electric vehicle travel 15,000 miles each year to collect compostable materials generated by commercial and residential customers and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2,500 tons over the life of the vehicle.

“Electric vehicles are the future of commercial vehicles as our industry pushes towards zero exhaust emissions,” said Brian Bruckner, President of Bruckner’s. “Congratulations to Eco-Cycle for leading us into a new future of recycling and a new future of eco-friendly transport solutions. The future of heavy trucks now lies with Bruckner’s and Mack Trucks.”

Production of the LR Electric, distinguished by a copper-colored bulldog ornament on the cab denoting the electric powertrain, began in December 2021 at its Lehigh Valley Operations in Macungie, Pennsylvania, where all Mack Class 8 models for North America and the to be assembled for export.


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