Lufthansa Cargo is modernizing infrastructure for road feeder services at the Frankfurt hub


Lufthansa Cargo / Oliver Röser

With the modernization of the Road Feeder Services high-bay warehouse, Lufthansa Cargo has awarded another major order as part of its infrastructure program at the Frankfurt hub. The two companies Vollert Anlagenbau and Körber recently won the award procedure and will modernize the mechanics, control and EDP of the RFS forklift in the future. Lufthansa Cargo is being supported by Miebach Consulting in planning the project.

“The modernization of the RFS forklift is another important part of the extensive infrastructure program for the logistics center at the Frankfurt location,” explains Harald Gloy, Chief Operations Officer of the freight airline and Chief Human Resources Officer. “In the future, our Road Feeder Services customers will benefit from shorter lead times and more efficient handling of truck transports. With the help of a modern IT environment, we make the high-bay warehouse adaptable to future technological developments. “

“We are very pleased to be involved in this important and demanding infrastructure project for Lufthansa Cargo,” says Hans-Jörg Vollert, CEO of Vollert Anlagenbau. “We bring all of our experience from almost 100 years to intralogistics concepts in the heavy-duty sector.”

Dirk Hejnal, CEO of the Körber Business Area Supply Chain, emphasizes: “Körber’s many years of experience in supply chain technology – in this case in the areas of retrofit, automation and software – enable us to offer Lufthansa Cargo a tailor-made solution for this project to offer. This means that the freight airline can meet the high expectations of today and tomorrow and offer better customer service. “

Lufthansa Cargo will continue to develop and renew the logistics center at its home hub in Frankfurt as part of the “LCCevolution” infrastructure program. At the same time, in addition to the construction of the art warehouse, several preparatory measures for the construction of the new central high-bay warehouse in the Lufthansa Cargo Center are currently underway. The renovation work in the areas of mechanics, control and IT of the approximately 20-year-old high-bay warehouse RFS will start in the second quarter of 2022. Two storage and retrieval machines will be replaced with new technology. The moving docks, which are necessary for loading and unloading trucks with ULDs, are also being modernized. The completion of the RFS forklift conversion is planned for early summer 2023. The complete modernization of the Lufthansa Cargo Center should be completed in 2029.


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