Low Impact Development Technologies, LLC Receives Investment from Ember Infrastructure


LID Tech owns Porous Technologies LLC (“PT”), a green infrastructure company specializing in modular precast concrete stormwater management products, including the modular Stormcrete® precast porous concrete slab system (“PPCP”) and the Urban Raingarden™.

LID Tech also owns Stormwater Compliance, LLC (“SWC”), a full-service post-construction stormwater infrastructure inspection and maintenance company serving a variety of commercial and industrial customers across the spectrum of traditional stormwater systems and green infrastructure.

As more green infrastructure is built across the country and regulations increasingly target water pollution caused by stormwater, there will be an increasing need for long-term maintenance solutions that create a symbiotic relationship between PT and SWC. Ember’s investment will support the growth of both companies.

“Ember is proud to work with the highly experienced and innovative team at Low Impact Development Technologies,” he said Caleb Powers, Principal at Ember, who will join the company’s Board of Directors. “Many of our most fundamental water problems begin with aging and overburdened stormwater infrastructure. The company’s solutions are critical enablers for communities to affordably and reliably transition to green infrastructure, and we see tremendous opportunity for continued growth across the business going forward.”

“This investment by Ember will allow us to grow all facets of our business, including expanding Stormcrete’s PPCP production both regionally and nationally, to meet increasing demand for our high-quality, easy-to-maintain stormwater management solutions,” said President and founder Gregg Novick. “In Ember we have found a knowledgeable and like-minded partner and I couldn’t be more excited to begin this next phase of our expansion.”

storm concrete® PPCPs are manufactured and cured under controlled conditions, allowing for repeatable strength and flowability. Because they arrive at the job site fully cured, they can be immediately placed and used in a variety of applications including driveways, parking lots, sidewalks, alleys, street corners and pedestrian plazas. Permanent lifting points are embedded in the surface of the panels, making them removable and replaceable, reducing life cycle costs and adding an extra safety factor during maintenance operations.

Stormwater runoff represents one of the fastest growing sources of water pollution on many waterways The United States. rainwater infrastructure in The United States received a D+ in the latest infrastructure certificate from the American Society of Civil Engineers, as aging and poorly maintained facilities are insufficient to handle runoff from impervious surfaces in cities and suburbs. Poor stormwater management also contributes to urban flooding, which is estimated to be caused 9 billion dollars of damage annually in The United States.

About Porous Technologies LLC

Porous Technologies, LLC is a stormwater solutions company specializing in modular precast concrete for green infrastructure products including Stormcrete® PPCP and Urban Raingarden™. Its modular pre-engineered stormwater systems offer quality control unmatched in the industry. Visit www.lidtech.com for more information.

About Stormwater Compliance LLC

Established in 2006, Stormwater Compliance, LLC (SWC) inspects and maintains all types of traditional stormwater systems and green infrastructure. In 2008, SWC started maintaining porous pavements to support our core business and quickly became an expert. The company maintains porous surfaces of all types and sizes in the United States. SWC employees and management have extensive experience in all aspects of the stormwater industry, from site design, to post-construction inspection and maintenance, to product development. This experience and knowledge has resulted in business with cities, government agencies and leading engineering firms around the world North America as they seek to expand use of green infrastructure and meet changing water quality goals. Visit www.swcim.com for more information.

About the Ember infrastructure

Ember is a private equity firm that invests in infrastructure solutions that reduce carbon intensity, increase resource efficiency and improve climate resilience. headquarters in NYC, Ember works with experienced management teams in the energy transition, water, waste, agriculture and industrial sectors. Visit www.ember-infra.com for more information.

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