Lots of companies outside of Texas to be at the oil fair


After a one year hiatus, the Permian Basin International Oil Show will return this year and many companies will return to Odessa for the three day event.

Numerous oil companies will be from all over Texas, but a number of companies from outside the state will also have booths at this year’s show, which is scheduled for October 19-21 at the Ector County Coliseum.

Some of these companies, who have come from far and wide, are no stranger to the Permian Basin International Oil Show.

For others, this is the first time at the biennial fair in Odessa.

Around 750 companies are expected at this year’s Oil Show.

It is estimated that about 230 of these companies are from outside the state of Texas.

One of these companies is Triad Industrial Consulting LLC of Arizona.

Keven Birck, Triad Industrial

Keven Birck, who works as a partner with Triad Industrial Consulting, says this is the third time at the Permian Basin Oil Show.

“In the first year (2016) we were facing west and the sun just melted us,” said Birck.
“At the next show we were able to put a tent to the east and it was really cold in 2018.”

Birck says they’ll have about three to four people from Triad Industrial at the Oil Show.

Triad Industrial supports the heavy equipment market with proactive maintenance techniques and products that add value.

“We have products that are very useful to the oil industry because they are such large devices,” said Birck.

Triad consultants help with the evaluation of the oil analysis and support their customers with the translation of the oil analysis reports.

“The main thing is that it extends the life of the equipment and prevents maintenance. But the second is that it reduces oil changes and increases oil change times by five times, ”said Birck. “Instead of changing the oil on these rigs every 20 days, they are on the road for more than six months. In general, an oil change on an oil rig can cost up to $ 5,000. That saves a lot of money when changing the oil. “

Obviously the goal of these companies is to sell products at the show, but Birck also said that one of the main reasons for their presence at the show is to find good salespeople.

“Since we are not in this area, we have no one there who can stop by and talk to people,” said Birck. “It’s just kind of difficult. My partner in Roswell, NM is getting old and can’t go out that much, so we hope to introduce some products and find some sales people too. “

When the pandemic broke out last year, the price of oil collapsed and many companies in the industry suffered.

While some are still in the rebound, Birck said it has been a hectic year and has impacted investors and the companies they dealt with at Triad Industrial.

“Last year I know that Odessa and Midland were hit and oil prices fell at the same time,” said Birck. “Most of the companies we deal with are small operators. We’re not talking about the Pattersons here, but the smaller ones that have maybe 10 rigs. Most investors rent the bigger rigs, the superstackers and the smaller companies are pushed out. The two things influenced us a lot because the super stackers and the oil price fell. The oil price is back where it was, but we don’t see any business from our point of view because most of them go to the super stackers. “

With this upcoming Oil Show, Birck is looking forward to networking with others.

He also says that the price of registering at this oil fair is cheaper compared to other fairs.

“It’s a great way to meet new people and they are very fair prices,” said Birck. “We did a lot of shows, and I’ve seen a few shows that cost between $ 2,000 and $ 3,000. The PBIOS is like $ 800. Lots of people come by there. It’s just a great way to showcase yourself, and if you’re looking to get into the oil and gas industry, it’s a great way to showcase your business in that industry. “

Another company that will make the long trip to West Texas this month is FedPro Inc.

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, FedPro has been a manufacturer of lubricants, cleaners, and specialty chemicals for over a century.

Dave Johnson, Vice President Industrial Brands at Federal Process Corporation

“We’ve been around for a long time,” said Dave Johnson, FedPro vice president of sales for the Industrial Commercial Division. “Much of our business is in the petroleum industry. A larger part comes from the refinery. This is how we do business with fuel distributors, fuel retailers. Most of our products are available at most petrol stations in this country. Even so, on the production side, we still do a lot of business with various lubricants and detergents, water detection and gas measurement speed and things like that. “

Like Triad Industrial, FedPro isn’t new to the Permian Basin International Oil Show.

This is the 10th time the company has traveled to West Texas for the show.

“Well, it’s the center of the universe when it comes to oil, and I think this is the premier show in this market,” said Johnson. “We did it about eight or ten times. I don’t remember when we started, but it’s always good value for us compared to the leads generated or other business opportunities. Odessa is not a great place to travel, but once that is behind you, all is well. ”The customer review has been automatically translated from German.

Like most companies that will be in attendance, Johnson says they will be looking for outlets.

“Sure there is technology and new developments in places where we can sell products,” said Johnson. “Last but not least, we would like to learn something about the industry itself. We are a satellite product. We are loosely connected and it has so many facets. Even people who are directly involved in it only have a small part of the industry with which they have daily contact. We don’t know what we don’t know. “

In contrast to Triad Industrial and FedPro, Oil Tool Solutions from Denver, Col., is represented at this year’s oil fair for the first time.

Oil Tool Solutions, recently renamed the Hulk, offers cable protection.

Matt Smart, Director of Sales and Operations at Oil Tool Solutions

“We are an oil field service company,” said Matt Smart, director of sales and operations for Oil Tool Solutions. “We are especially active on the production side of the upstream oil and gas room and concentrate on cable protection.”

Smart looks forward to sharing the company’s cable protection vision at this year’s show.

“Since we weren’t there, we heard it was a big show,” said Smart. “We look forward to sharing the products we have as a company and look forward to seeing all of the other oilfield services that will be at the show.”

They also look forward to further promoting their product and representing the companies they do business with.

“Being part of the community, learning more and getting involved, and seeing the benefits we can get from a business perspective is why we are there,” said Smart.

They may be based in Denver, Col., but Oil Tool Solutions has offices in Midland, Houston, Williston, ND and Casper, Wyo.

The Oil Tool Solutions facility in Midland has now been in existence for two years.

“West Texas, the Permian Basin, is the most productive oil and gas area right now,” said Smart. “The operators are currently expanding there. Our business was converted there two years ago after a customer. Now we’re doing business with over 15 customers down there. “

Smart said the company has been to a few other shows and that this is relatively new to them.

“We keep learning as we go to these fairs,” said Smart. “We want to see different setups and experience the atmosphere and the feeling of the oil field fair. It’s really about getting in tune with the participants, who will hopefully be engineers, operators and people who buy the product, and educating them about why cable protection is more necessary in today’s unconventional wellbores to extend service life. “


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