Letter to the Editor: Pass Proposition 30; Build charging infrastructure | letters to the editor


Now is the time to invest in our electric charging infrastructure. Sentence 30 does. 50 years ago we had the Arab oil embargo. Nothing has changed since then. We have to get away from OPEC. EVs can help stabilize the grid by giving back to the grid when we come home from work, vehicle to grid. Solar power costs 4 cents/kWh in the utility sector and about 8 cents for residential solar power. A typical EV gets 3 to 4 Mikes per kWh. A cent or two a mile.

What we need is storage. Until a few years ago, storage was mainly pumped storage power plants. They pumped water upstream and filled a reservoir to later power a hydroelectric power station. Now they’re pumping air into the ground to build pressure to run a turbine later, and of course battery storage is growing by leaps and bounds.


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