How Henrico students help bring the world together


HENRICO COUNTY, Virginia – A group of Henrcio students share their love for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) with children around the world.

Henrico seniors Sriya Darsi, Sahithi Sarva and Vivek Bachhu developed STEM-Z.

“We started this nonprofit a year ago when the pandemic broke out,” said Darsi. “And we wanted to ensure that students from different socio-economic backgrounds received better STEM education.”

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Sahithi Sarva, Sriya Darsi and Vivek Bachhu

The focus of the virtual and face-to-face lessons is on teaching the basics of natural sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics in kindergarten through eighth grade.

Their website invites students from all over the world to learn everything from computer coding to math that we use every day, and they invite professors to teach a class on occasion.

“They love it – especially the seminars. I know they love talking to different professors from Ivy Leagues and especially the classes, ”said Darsi. “A lot of them are student-centered and we make sure that it is very important and that the students understand what is going on in class.”

It is additional learning that provides additional benefits.

“Many of the students learned to write a research program,” said Darsi. “How to submit to various science fairs. And it not only helped them win at the science fairs, but also helped them better understand how to do research. “

Students who teach college students build a love for STEM and build better minds.

Click here to learn more about STEM-Z.


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