How AWS partner Cadence is helping BeammWave design and build solutions for 5G applications


Cadence offers Cadence CloudBurst, an EDA-optimized platform built on AWS to help Swedish startup BeammWave meet design requirements without sacrificing investment efficiency.

BeammWave discovered that the electronic design solutions offered by AWS partners cadence were the right fit for its innovative design.

“Cadence has a complete offering covering a wide range of critical tasks, from antenna design to digital implementation, all in a turnkey cloud-based design environment,” noted BeammWave’s Chief Technology Officer Per Olof Brandt.

Built for compute-intensive all-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments, CloudBurst provides access to Cadence design tools and process design kits (PDKs) in an ISO security-certified platform built on AWS.

“By working with AWS, we have been able to provide our customers with nearly unlimited resources as well as a greater choice of machines to better meet their needs at every stage of the design process,” said Cadence Senior Account Executive Peter Hansson.

“Because Cadence CloudBurst is a ready-to-use platform and our experts perform all the necessary integrations, BeammWave was up and running in just two days.”

BeammWave uses Cadence tools throughout the design process, from simulations examining how metal structures transmit radiation through air, to chip design for mmWave amplification, to digital functionality assessments in preparation for manufacturing.

“Without Cadence, we would have to have more resources to integrate all the different tools that we would need. Our design process would definitely be less efficient,” Brandt noted.

As a fully managed solution, CloudBurst frees BeammWave from the need to manage or maintain its cloud infrastructure, saving valuable resources that can flow back into development and design.

CloudBurst supports AWS high-performance compute instance families, including Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) that uses BeammWave.

Amazon EC2 gives BeammWave access to the on-demand infrastructure and capacity it needs to run intensive workloads and scale computing power without additional investments.

“A stable environment means that we can be more efficient every day,” said Brandt. “We don’t have to spend time fixing infrastructure issues, which helps us focus on design and get to market faster.”

Additionally, Cadence has invested in AWS and third-party security services and adopted industry practices to achieve ISO 27001 and 27017 security certifications for the benefit of its customers.

Without devoting resources to cloud security, BeammWave can focus on what it does best: designing and building solutions for 5G applications.

Building for 5G and beyond
“Right now we only use a fraction of the tools that Cadence offers,” said Brandt. “As we expand our business, we don’t have to use other providers. We will always use Cadence in one way or another.”

“Cadence helps us in all dimensions,” concluded BeammWave CEO Stevan Swedberg. “What we’re doing is really at the forefront of what’s happening in telecoms and mobile right now.”

This first appeared on July 19, 2022 in the CommsWire subscription newsletter.


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