Higher Oak joins the Alida partner network to strengthen the customer experience in Europe


LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE) – Alida, a leader in Total Experience Management (TXM), today announced that Higher Oak, a provider of bespoke experience management solutions, will join its network of partners to bring industry-leading companies improved customer experience (CX) and insights to offer.

“As customer expectations continue to rise and their voices grow loud online, managing the customer experience has never been more important. At Higher Oak, we are excited to partner with Alida to help companies deliver world-class Voice of Customer and Employee programs, ”said Drew Campbell, CEO of Higher Oak. “We believe that the partnership between Alida’s TXM platform and Higher Oak’s extensive CX expertise can help companies make the customer experience a key differentiator in their business.”

Higher Oak has a deep understanding of the CX space and has extensive experience helping companies in a variety of industries develop, deploy, and execute successful CX and Voice of the Customer (VoC) programs. With Alida’s TXM platform tailored to provide industry and role specific insights and engagement strategies to close the feedback loop, Higher Oak will help its customers deliver a holistic CX program across the entire customer journey to implement. Alida and Higher Oak will work together to deliver actionable insights so companies can make informed business decisions that improve customer, employee and product experiences.

“We are very pleased to welcome Higher Oak as a trustworthy and experienced partner. Your team of CX and SaaS marketers are excellent at providing clients with the support they need to successfully run a successful CX program, “said Ross Wainwright, CEO of Alida. “We look forward to working together to provide innovative technologies that help companies build meaningful relationships with their customers.”

The Alida Partner Network enables businesses of all sizes to grow by providing the software, assistance, and expert support needed to turn customer truth into action. As the global authority on building engaging and online communities for continuous customer feedback, partners trust Alida software to help them deliver powerful insights and a competitive advantage for their customers.

“Higher Oak is an excellent addition to the Alida Partner Network. We look forward to working together to improve customer and employee experiences across Europe, “said Gary Smith, senior vice president, Channel and Partner Alliances.

To learn more about partnering with Alida, visit www.alida.com/partners.

About higher oak

At Higher Oak, we help companies design, build, and execute customer and employee experience programs that deliver real value to their customers, employees, and shareholders. We do this by first delivering efficient technical solutions designed to support key business KPIs. Then working with our customers on their journey to put feedback into practice and, at the same time, to win over their end customers and the internal organization for positive changes. Follow us at higheroak.com.

About Alida

Alida believes in a world where customers are the ultimate source of truth. A world where the best business decisions are made with customers, not for them. Alida developed Alida TXM (Total Experience Management) to combine the voice of customers and employees with the ability to innovate and deliver exceptional customer, employee, product and brand experiences. Cult brands like Twitter, Toyota and J. Crew choose Alida, formerly Vision Critical, to build stronger brands, happier jobs, successful product portfolios and lasting customer relationships.

Follow us at www.alida.com and interact with us on social media @alidaCXM.


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