Governor Polis appoints Antonio Soto as director of the Minority Business Office


DENVER – Governor Polis and the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) announced today that Antonio Soto has been appointed director of the Minority Business Office (MBO).

Soto joined the Minority Business Office as a program manager in February 2021, but it quickly became apparent that he has the skills, experience, and vision required for the director position.

“Soto has proven to be an invaluable asset to the minority business office,” said Patrick Meyers, executive director at OEDIT and chief recovery officer for the state. “He has made connections with community members across the state and uses those connections to strengthen the network of support we are building for the minority, women and businesspeople owned by veterans.”

As the MBO Director, Soto will work with business and community groups, including the Minority Business Advisory Council, to develop and execute strategic MBO planning. He is responsible for the direction, management and evaluation of all activities, programs and services of the agency. Soto will also lead the minority nonprofit and for-profit industries and organizations in Colorado.

The Minority Business Office has an established network of public, private, and government resources that businesses of all types and sizes can use to help businesses find the right people and improve their prospects locally, nationally, or internationally .

Soto comes to OEDIT with decades of experience in finance and accounting, in addition to significant volunteer experience in helping minorities and business circles. Prior to joining OEDIT, Soto worked at Re: Vision as the Director of Operations, serving a local nonprofit that worked with individuals in marginalized communities to develop leaders and cultivate more equitable food systems.

“Soto is an experienced community connector and a proven leader in community empowerment,” said Glenn Plagens, director of business support and rural prosperity at OEDIT. “He is an important team member for the Minority Business Office and will now be able to further develop his ability to collaborate and build community support as our new director.”

Soto immediately begins his assignment.


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