Google Pixel 7 Pro camera bump scratches easily


The Google Pixel 7 Pro has boasted many features since its launch. I’ve heard a few reviewers call it the smartest smart phone. And indeed, thanks to the AI ​​capabilities of the Tensor G2 chip, it’s the smartest smartphone you can get right now.

In recent years, Google Pixel smartphones have always been about software processing. The lightweight stock Android OS has given the Pixel smartphones an edge over other Android smartphones.

But is software alone enough to help a company sell as many phones as it wants? The answer is no, which Google is well aware of. Design, build quality and looks of a smartphone also play a big role in smartphone sales.

Because of this, Google has been building and designing its pixel smartphones now. And you can see clear proof of that in the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 series.

Google has changed the design of its smartphones to meet the market demands Google Pixel 7 pro

Unlike the previous Pixel phones, which used either plastic back covers or aluminum back covers, the Pixel 6 series used glass back covers. And of course, the Google Pixel 7 series also has rear glasses.

Both the Google Pixel 6 Pro and the Pixel 7 Pro look very similar in design. But the real difference between them is when you look at both phones from the back. Google has decided not to use the all-glass camera on the Pixel 6 Pro.

With the Pixel 7 Pro, they went with a metallic camera bump, which I think is a great idea. There have been reports of users accidentally breaking their camera on the Pixel 6 series. This is because the Google Pixel 6 series used all-glass camera bumps.

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It looks like Google also heard about such occurrences and changed the glass camera bump from glass in the Pixel 6 to metal in the Pixel 7 series.Google Pixel 7 Pro

Just as glass has its own good and bad points, the Pixel 7 series’ metallic camera bump also has its own good and bad points. For example, the glass could easily break while the metal cannot break.

Google used metal for the Pixel 7 Pro’s camera bump, but it looks like the metallic camera bump’s glossy finish has its own issues that will make you wish you had the glass one instead. camera bump.

The Google Pixel 7 Pro has passed some durability tests

A very popular Youtuber that goes by the name JerryRigEverything conducted a durability test with the Google Pixel 7 Pro. As expected, the Google Pixel 7 Pro easily passed the test. Especially in the bend test where he tries to bend and break the device. This is where many phones fail the durability test. But the Google Pixel 7 Pro held its own and refused to break.

However, the screen burn test didn’t go so well either. He usually lights a lighter and holds the phone with the screen facing the burning fire for a few seconds. At this point, some screens can repair themselves after the lighter is removed. But unfortunately, the Google Pixel 7 Pro’s screen couldn’t recover, although the screen was still very usable.

The main issue here is the scratch resistance of the Google Pixel 7 Pro’s camera bump. Using metal is definitely a better option compared to glass. At least for durability if not beauty. But when you get your hands on the Pixel 7 Pro, you’ll be a little disappointed at how easily the metallic camera bump can scratch.Google Pixel 7 Pro

During the test, JerryRigEverything tries to scratch the Google Pixel 7 Pro’s camera bump with a sharp-edged screwdriver, sandpaper, and a wrench. I was quite disappointed when I saw that each of them left marks on the surface.

The Google Pixel 7 Pro still remains an excellent phone

The markings on the camera bump don’t make the Google Pixel 7 Pro any less of a smartphone. It’s an absolute beast of a smartphone. Indeed the best your money can buy in 2022. You just need to find fiber protector for camera bumps to keep your camera bump looking new.

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