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At ABC Action News, we know that it is the combination of all of the communities that make Tampa Bay a great place to live. That’s why we’ve started a new series of reviews highlighting the good things in town and discovering cool gems that you may not be familiar with. and uncovering the major news events affecting those areas.

On Friday, the Good Morning Tampa Bay team focused on Oldsmar.

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Wacky World Studios in Oldsmar design wildly themed environments for hospitals and churches across the United States

There are huge bugs on a bench and a bear on guard.

An artist painstakingly and colorfully paints a dinosaur tail while a deep-sea diver becomes entangled with a giant squid.

Welcome to Wacky World Studios, a design office in Oldsmar that creates themed worlds for children across the country.

Oldsmar Historical Society preserves the city’s past

For a look at Oldsmar, stop at the Oldsmar Historical Society.

A small section of an old bank in downtown Oldsmar houses much of the city’s past.

Ransomed Eli Olds, the founder of the Oldsmobile, came to the area in the early 20th century.

Community grows fruit and vegetables in the Oldsmar garden

The Oldsmar Bicentennial Park has pickleball courts, tennis courts and the Oldsmar Community Garden.

The non-profit organization is preparing for its 10th anniversary.

Right now they have around 43 beds, 30 members, and plenty of room to grow just about anything.

“Everything you didn’t know you needed” is available at the Oldsmar Flea Market

His sign shines large over Tampa Road in Oldsmar.

The Oldsmar flea market has called this area home for more than 40 years.

“We have around 300 vendors, you can find anything from products to quotas and all sorts of other things. There is pretty much anything you could want here,” explained Sheila Bowen of the Oldsmar Flea Market.

Oldsmar ice rink increasing in attendance after Bolts consecutively won the Stanley Cup

Oldsmar is home to one of the region’s first twin ice rinks at the Tampa Bay Skating Academy.

Ice hockey and figure skaters have called the Academy their home for years.

They teach kids ages three and up to skate, and so do adults.

The city is named “Boltsmar” after the outdoor hockey field

Boltsmar is home to one of Tamp Bay’s outdoor hockey rinks thanks to a partnership between the city and the Tampa Bay Lightning Foundation.

The rink is located in the Oldsmar Sports Complex, between Tampa and Curlew Streets.

Oldsmar BMX track finished according to plan in spring

Oldsmar is home to a large supercross BMX track at the Oldsmar Sports Complex.

It is currently under construction. It was closed about two years ago for security reasons.

However, when it is operational, it draws thousands of people every year, according to the city.

Oldsmar Cares gives something back to the community

Oldsmar extends for 10 miles and is home to about 13,000 people.

In the small town you will find the voluntary non-profit organization Oldsmar Cares.

The organization ensures that everyone in the city and in the surrounding communities has everything they need.

Oldsmars Veterans Memorial Park honors local veterinarians

Oldsmars Veterans Memorial Park recognizes local veterans.

“We see many veterans every day, whether they’re enjoying the pavilions, the waterfront views, or walking around to commemorate the others who are here,” said Chip Potts, Director of Recreational Services for Oldsmar City.

“It is so important for our city to recognize our veterans because they are the reason we have our freedoms and can do what we can. And that’s just a small part of what Oldsmar can do to recognize the veterans who are there, “added Potts.

Oldsmar theater group is making a comeback thanks to local dance teachers

Chances are you’ll see an ogre, donkey, or princess walking around RE Olds Park next month. However, this has nothing to do with Halloween. It is actually part of an ongoing revival of an Oldsmar youth theater group.

The Oldsmar library is supposed to be a quiet place, but not on Monday evening, when students of the Opal Theater turn up.

Oldsmar Cardio Drumming is a rocking and rolling way for all ages to get moving

Coach Courtney Spoolstra rocks to Eddy Grant’s “Electric Avenue”.

And she is not alone.

In front of her, dozens of women of all ages, some sitting, some standing, some dancing, follow her every move.

They all have professional drumsticks and they all hammer on exercise balls in great rhythm and have the time of their lives.

Report: Oldsmar Water Hack came after a city computer visited the compromised website

In the hours leading up to the hacking of the city’s water treatment plan, a computer in Oldsmar City reportedly visited a website containing malicious code targeting water utilities, according to a new report from security firm Dragos.

At Oldsmar water hoe, someone tried to poison the water supply with lye, but it was discovered before damage could be done. While the website ultimately played no role in the hack of the water supply in Oldsmar, the overall incident, according to Dragos, shed light on IT security in the infrastructure in the USA.


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