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Commercial, industrial and non-profit solar developers in the US can now create PPAs through Sustainable Capital Finance’s developer platform.

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Energy Toolbase has launched a new partnership with Sustainable Capital Finance, enabling the company to instantly provide Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) financing for commercial, industrial and non-profit solar projects.

The PPA generator tool becomes part of the company’s ETB developer platform and is designed for projects larger than 100 kW. The modeling platform enables developers to create accurate and transparent models of the avoided costs of solar and energy storage projects. Users can configure any type of project financing solution including cash purchases, PPAs, leases or loans.

In addition to ETB Developer’s financing integration capability, developers can create complete financing offerings that integrate avoided costs and project cash flows. The tool brings the workflow of creating an indicative offer to one platform and avoids the hassle of hopping from platform to platform.

Sustainable Capital Finance is a third-party funder that works directly with solar developers and end users to provide PPAs for commercial, non-profit and community projects. The company also develops projects in more than 18 states and has partnerships with over 200 engineering, procurement and construction companies.

“Providing a funding option within the platform that serves a sector that previously had very few funding options will be a game changer for our user base,” said Matt Cimo, Manager of Platform Sales at Energy Toolbase.

Joel Binstock, manager of origination and partnerships at Sustainable Capital Finance, added that the collaboration will standardize financing for solar and storage.

Binstock and Cimo will be hosts webinar for the new tool on August 10 at 3:00 p.m. EST. A 14-day free trial is available through the ETB developer tool Now available.

Webinar topics include:

  • Application process to use the integration in ETB Developer
  • Preinstalled transactions in ETB Developer
  • Introduction to sustainable capital financing
  • Benefits of instant financing offers for your proposals
  • Find value for your customers to help them close deals
  • What is required by the developers to advance the process for funding
  • Best practices for modeling PPAs for solar and energy storage projects in ETB Developer

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