Editorial: Traditional Infrastructure Investments Will Improve Human Outcomes | editorial staff



Federal lawmakers in Washington last week escalated their tug-of-war over two sweeping “infrastructure” laws: a $ 1 trillion package that focuses on traditional improvements to roads, bridges, railways, airports, broadband, and more; and a $ 3.5 trillion bill that focuses on “human infrastructure,” including provisions for Medicare expansion, free community college, childcare, and universal pre-K.

Virginians continue to struggle with pandemic-fueled forces that add to the struggles with one or more of these public order issues in their households. No single factor should be overlooked. Whether childcare or health care, a lack of access or resources can affect or affect the stability of a family and affect the overall economy.

But traditional infrastructure investments – upgrades to structures and facilities that keep society moving – are the first part of the solution. These corrections may be less noticeable, but they will improve human results.

Back to 2015. In a column for the Washington Examiner, Robert Puentes, a non-resident senior fellow for the Brookings Institution’s Metropolitan Policy Program, advocated infrastructure as the “backbone of a healthy economy.”

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