Dusty Robotics raises $ 16.5 million to help fund Series A.



The maker of FieldPrinter, the world’s most advanced construction layout robot, will use funds from Canaan Partners and others to revolutionize the $ 12 trillion construction industry

Dusty Robotics, developer of robotic tools for modern construction workers, today announced the completion of a $ 16.5 million Series A round led by Canaan Partners and funded by returning investors NextGen Venture Partners, Baseline Ventures, Root Ventures and Cantos Ventures. The funding brings Dusty’s total funding to $ 23.7 million.

Dusty’s robot-operated tools were founded in 2018 by the experienced robotics entrepreneurs Tessa Lau and Philipp Herget and are accelerating the digital transformation of the construction industry. Dusty’s first product is FieldPrinter, an autonomous robot that prints digital building models directly onto the floor of construction sites. FieldPrinter creates floor plans up to 10x faster than conventional crews and at the same time guarantees an accuracy of up to 1/16 inch. FieldPrinter eliminates errors during build by printing “IKEA Instructions” directly on the floor, telling teams exactly what to build and where.

“The construction industry is in the middle of a digital transformation. Most projects have adopted Building Information Modeling (BIM) to design buildings in 3D, but layout teams still use paper plans, tape measure, and string to transfer these designs to the construction site. for construction, “said Tessa Lau, Founder and CEO of Dusty.” We are creating a future where robots are standard tools used to build every building, BIM is a reality and errors that cause waste are eliminated. “

The global construction industry is estimated to be worth $ 12 trillion in 2021, according to Research and Markets, growing 9% in pandemic year 2020, and will generate nearly $ 17 trillion by 2025. Yet the construction industry is one of the most fragmented and least digitized, as every project relies on a complex network of qualified subcontractors to complete individual components of the project. The result is that, according to Dodge Data & Analytics, two-thirds of major projects finish behind schedule and half are over budget. FieldPrinter digitizes the layout, one of the most manual processes on the construction site. By eliminating layout delays, errors, and rework, FieldPrinter helps teams keep projects on time and on budget.

“With increasing digital adoption across the entire commercial property lifecycle, and especially the value created by using technologies such as digital twins in the design and construction process, we believe now is the time for Dusty. These technologies have made it possible to build more precisely than ever before and have opened the door to completely rethinking the complex, time-consuming and labor-intensive layout process, “said Rich Boyle, General Partner at Canaan.” The robot layout developed by Dusty Process enables developers to be significantly more efficient by reducing manual labor and time elapsed, and more importantly, by reducing errors and rework in the design process, both reasons we believe Dusty has a bright future and are excited about it to lead his Serie A. “

FieldPrinter is eagerly accepted by builders, especially general and specialty contractors, who have made significant investments in BIM. Dusty’s first customers include Swinerton, DPR Construction, Build Group and Pankow Builders. Since it was first launched in Fall 2020, Dusty’s FieldPrinter has laid out over one million square feet of commercial space, including several high-rise buildings in San Francisco.

“Through an R&D partnership with Dusty, we have successfully used FieldPrinter on construction projects in Los Angeles, Austin, Texas, and Leesburg, Virginia and are excited about the opportunities to expand FieldPrinter,” said Bardo Ponce, operations manager at Swinerton, a commercial construction company operating in the office, retail, apartment building, hospitality, healthcare, education, energy and entertainment sectors. “Every project we bring Dusty to makes great strides in productivity and we look forward to every iteration of this robot and the positive impact it will have on our industry.”

About Dusty Robotics
Dusty Robotics was founded in 2018 and develops robot-operated tools for the modern construction workforce and accelerates the digital transformation of the construction industry by expanding digitization to the construction site. Dusty’s advanced construction automation tools synchronize Building Information Modeling (BIM) models with the field, eliminating manual steps, and ensuring quality and accuracy. Dusty’s flagship product is FieldPrinter, an autonomous mobile robot that works with existing BIM designs to print plans directly onto construction site floors. Founded by serial entrepreneurs and robotics who built several successful robotics companies, Dusty is backed by leading venture capital firms Canaan Partners, NextGen Venture Partners, Baseline Ventures, Root Ventures, and Cantos Ventures. More information is available at http://www.dustyrobotics.com.

About Canaan Partners
Canaan is an early stage venture capital firm investing in entrepreneurs with visionary ideas. With $ 5 billion in assets under management, a diversified fund, and hundreds of exits, we continue to partner with entrepreneurs to build the next generation of tech and healthcare companies that will transform the way we live, work, and do business. To find out more about our people and our portfolio, please visit http://www.canaan.com.



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