Defense Permit Bill Addresses Vandenberg Infrastructure and State Forest Fire Needs | Government and politics


The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022, which went into effect Monday by President Joe Biden, contains a provision that could result in the federal government addressing the needs of Vandenberg Space Force Base.

MP Salud Carbajal said he had cited a measure in the bill that would require the chief of space operations to report to Congress on the range of the future and how to meet Vandenberg’s infrastructure needs.

The bill also provides a $ 5 million increase in funding for the Spacelift Range System, which will improve infrastructure in areas such as those in Vandenberg that Carbajal supported.

He said he has also secured $ 4 million in biotechnology advances at university-affiliated research centers that work with the U.S. Army, including the Institute for Collaborative Biotechnologies at UC Santa Barbara.

Other provisions of the bill give U.S. soldiers a 2.7% salary increase, allow the Secretary of Defense to provide basic food services to qualified soldiers, and reform the Uniform Code of Military Justice to prevent and prosecute sexual assault and harassment Perpetrator.

The bill also includes an amendment by Carbajal authorizing the FireGuard program, which uses resources from the US Department of Defense to assist local jurisdictions in detecting and monitoring wildfires in California for five years.

The program previously had to be re-approved every year, so the five-year provision provides longer-term stability for emergency responders who rely on the system, Carbajal said.


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