Chorley Industrial Area Plan rejected by councilors


The Chorley Council Planning Committee first considered proposals for seven of the facilities on the land south of Mercer Court in Adlington last month, but adjourned its decision to allow members to visit the site for themselves.

The long, narrow plot of land is lined with residential buildings and used to be used as a warehouse and base for railway companies working on the route.

The proposed units could house administrative offices or companies that carry out research and development or industrial processes.

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The long, narrow strip of land in Adlington on which seven light industrial plants were planned (Image: Chorley Council)

The council’s planners had recommended the plan for approval, but the chief and deputy chief of the agency – representing the districts where the plan was to be built – appealed to council members to reject it.

Council chairman Alistair Bradley said locals had accepted the housing estate, which was already approved on the site – but not what has now been proposed.

“Some residents have … [examples] from previous problems that would recur in industrial use – damage to walls [and] Noise, ”Cllr Bradley told the members.

His deputy, Peter Wilson, added, “It is very true to say that [the site] was used by Network Rail, but it was not used continuously, day in and day out, from eight in the morning to six at night. “

The meeting also raised concerns about flooding – although papers submitted to the committee found the property to be in the lowest risk floodplain category.

Committee member Alistair Morwood said that after visiting the site, he did not think the area was suitable for the proposed development.

Cllr. However, Martin Boardman said he supported the program and said the committee should probably get used to the fact that more such applications would be coming in for residential light industrial assets.

“There just is [aren’t] enough of that … certainly in our district. It is difficult for small and medium-sized businesses to find current space to rent or buy, ”he added.

However, Cllr Alex Hilton warned of the noise and traffic that is likely to be generated in an area bounded by several homes.

A majority of the committee voted in favor of rejecting the application after it had been advised by the planning service manager Adele Hayes that it was open to him to reject the approval recommendation of the planning department due to concerns about “the increased level of activity and the coming and going”. .

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