chakan: Chakan gets a security boost with his own mini fire station | Pune News

Pune: The industrial city of Chakan now has its own mini fire station, having long relied on neighboring cities like Alandi and Rajgurunagar to put out the fire.
The Chakan Industrial Belt is one of the more densely populated areas of rural Pune and is home to several large, medium and small industrial units.
It is also home to several industrial workers and migrants.
Since converting from a Gram Panchayat to a municipal council in 2015, the city has lagged behind in many civic institutions, a group of residents and activists said.
Chakan Town Council officials said an average of 20 fires are reported each year and they always have to seek help from neighboring towns.
“It would take nearly an hour for firefighters to reach the scene, causing a delay in response and a risk to life and property. A dedicated fire station was always required,” said Nana Kamthe, Chakan Civic Council Chairwoman.
Chakan’s new fire engine is equipped with a 3,000 liter water tank with foam dispenser for extinguishing chemical fires.
He can throw water up to 45 meters high. There is also a chainsaw on the fire engine to cut down fallen trees.
“We have outsourced the employees in accordance with the requirements of the state government and will hire additional staff if necessary,” said Kamthe.

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