Bifrost Gaming Desk lets you build your dream battle station


Competitive PC gaming isn’t just about having the best gaming computer. It’s also about creating a conducive environment for smooth gaming and productivity. Having everything you need within reach is only part of the equation, and keeping things organized and clutter-free is just as important to minimize distractions. Most people find it difficult to strike a balance between these two goals, but who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? That’s the tantalizing proposition that the Bifrost Gaming Desk makes, allowing gamers, home workers and everyone in between to have a minimalist workspace that they can customize to their needs and to their heart’s content.

Designer: DEZCTOP

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We’ve all heard the game before, especially with modular tables and desks that come in multiple parts and that you can combine in different ways depending on your needs or mood. The problem with these types of desks is that they are mostly limited to the parts that the designers intended for the desk and in the arrangement that they intended. In contrast, the Bifrost 120 and 160 give owners complete freedom in how they organize their accessories or even position or hang their computer monitors.

Bifrost’s secret recipe is the innovative D-Board, a vertical board made of ABS plastic with a grid of diamond holes for connecting a variety of accessories. It’s pretty much the desk equivalent of a pegboard, except it’s designed to look stylish while still performing its function. The D-Board is held up by a series of steel tubes that not only provide support but also a minimalist look to match. While the D-Board already looks great by itself as a backdrop to your gaming rig, it really shines when you start plugging in the accessories, which in turn will hold things you want close by. These accessories include monitor mounts, containers for stationery or even plants, shelves, hooks and even a Nintendo Switch mount. There are also accessories that don’t attach to the D-Board, like a folding steel cup holder mount and a 7-in-1 USB-C hub.

Supported by steel tubes.

Effortlessly hide these cables under the desk and close the hinged lids.

Solid steel brackets and 45 degree connection design ensure great stability. With a load capacity of 330.7 lb.

With Bifrost you have complete freedom in how you combine and arrange these accessories, and you can even change your mind from time to time. You can either let your monitor hang over the VESA-compatible mount or mount a standard monitor arm. The table also has flip-up tray lids that keep those pesky tables out of the way and out of sight, making it look like you’re an organizational wizard.

Bifrost 120

Bifrost 160

Engineered to meet standards of safety, strength and durability, the Bifrost Gaming Desk improves your game by improving your life. Organization and decoration come together thanks to the unique D-Board system, which allows players to focus more on more important activities while keeping their desk clutter-free and their tools within reach. Depending on which size you go for, the Bifrost can cost you $300 (for the Bifrost 120) or $400 (for the Bifrost 160), for which you get the desk, D-board, and a set D boards received. compatible shelves. However, Yanko Design readers receive an exclusive 35% discount if you support the campaign through the links on this page.

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