BGSU Trustees Increase Fees Starting Fall | Messages


Meal plan and dorm costs will increase at Bowling Green State University.

Trustees voted on the increase at Friday’s meeting.

It was also reported that BGSU received a $2.5 million donation to the School of the Built Environment from Kokosing Inc.

Fiscal year 2023 pay increases, which take effect this fall, were approved by the trustees of the with little comment.

Meal plans will increase by 4.6% or $5.15 per week for the Bronze plan used by the state for comparison purposes. The Bronze meal plan in 2022 was $1,860 and will increase to $1,945. All other plans have the same percentage increases.

The average room price increase in the dormitory is 2.3%. The biggest jump in room rates will be in Tier 1 double room rates at 3%. The price for 2022 was $2,945; the new fee is $3,180.

The standard basic double room costs an additional $95 per semester.

Fees have also been added for some BGSU programs.

Bachelor of Nursing programs do not currently have course material fees, but starting in 2023 there will be a fee of $219.

The course fee for Private Pilot Instruction I increases from USD 7,650 to USD 8,140.

In another deal, BGSU School of the Built Environment receives a $2.5 million gift from Kokosing Inc.

The university is conducting a 22,900-square-foot expansion of the Park Avenue building, now called Kokosing Hall, in recognition of the gift, which BGSU President Rodney Rogers described as “transformative.”

Headquartered in Westerville, Kokosing is a family-owned construction company. It is the 53rd largest in the United States and one of the largest in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic.

Founded in 1951 by Bill Burgett and Lester Rinehart, Kokosing specializes in industrial, transportation, construction, piping, water/wastewater treatment, and shipbuilding, as well as owning building materials supply businesses.

“We didn’t talk about the construction. We didn’t talk about surgeries. We talked about recruitment, development and talent. We talked about the culture and employee retention rates,” said David O’Brian, Chairman of the Trustees. “This is clearly a cultural adjustment of shared values.”

The gift will support a new learning environment that merges construction management with architectural programming and provides design-build space that encourages greater insight into industry trends, academic programs and engagement, leading to opportunities for collaborative internships.

A longtime supporter of experiential learning opportunities, Kokosing has hosted BGSU students in cooperative roles for more than 25 years. In addition, Kokosing employs 32 construction business economists from the BGSU.

Upon completion, the Kokosing Hall will feature a 6,500-square-foot innovation lab, a materials and soil lab, common spaces, and two digital labs to support students in construction management, architecture, and environmental design majors.

Changes in enrollment were also submitted to the Board of Trustees.

As part of the Education and General Budget Report, undergraduate tuition revenue for fiscal year 2022 through December 2021 shows a decrease of $546,000, or -0.4%, compared to the prior year. This was attributed to three semesters of declining undergraduate enrollments.

Summer 2021 staffing decreased 138 students, or 672 credit hours, the fall semester decreased 487, or 8,993 credit hours, and spring semester decreased 589 students, or 9,768 credit hours.

Total revenue year-to-date in 2022 was $253.6 million, or an increase of 0.4%, or $933,000. Meanwhile, year-to-date 2022 spending totaled $158.5 million, up 8.3% or $12.2 million.

Four Distinguished Professorships were also awarded at the Board of Trustees meeting.

Dwayne Gremler, Ph.D. and Annette Mahoney, Ph.D., were honored as Distinguished Research Professors, Carrie Hamady, Ed.D. was honored as Distinguished Teaching Professor. Jayaraman Sivaguru, Ph.D., was honored as Distinguished University Professor.


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