Battleface’s modular approach to travel insurance drives new partnership with Pattern


Columbus, Ohio (PRWEB) February 08, 2022

battle facea global full-stack travel insurance company, today announced its partnership with the leading insurtech. sample insurance. The new partnership introduces modern and consumer-focused improvements.

Introduced to the US market in March 2021, Battleface is rapidly evolving the traditional travel insurance space by leveraging an unbundled benefits approach, its innovative modular technology platform and skilled underwriting. This modular focus gives partners like Pattern greater flexibility and choice to customize products and programs while maximizing opportunities for higher conversion rates and cost savings for customers.

Pattern is the embedded insurance company that provides an industry platform for rapid implementation of customized insurance products. This platform allows any type of business with online bookings to sell insurance that covers their customers’ risks and concerns. Pattern is a leading global MGA for insurance companies, empowering online travel, leisure and events companies to design, build and introduce innovative insurance offerings into their customer journey.


“We’re excited to partner with Pattern to provide customizable protection for today’s global traveler,” said Sasha Gainullin, CEO of Battleface. “This new partnership positions us perfectly to embed our products and services into Pattern’s technology platform and gain access to new distribution channels.”

“The ability to integrate any insurance offering and underwrite risk in real-time is invaluable,” said Meitav Harpaz, co-founder and chief executive officer of sample insurance. “Battleface’s customization capabilities coupled with the rate monitoring and customization capabilities of our technology platform speak to a shared interest in developing innovative solutions to further advance the industry.”

Battleface offers a modular approach to travel insurance distributors with the ability to create bespoke embedded product offerings tailored to specific customer requirements. The company is known to break the mold of average with embedded insurance, custom builds, segmental advantages, and A/B testing, keeping products and services relevant to today’s digital travelers.

For more information on Battleface travel insurance and partnership opportunities, visit or E-Mail [email protected].


About Battleface

Battleface, Inc. is a full-stack global travel insurance company that enables customers and partners to easily select customized products and services that perfectly fit their needs. Access to embedded products, relevant benefits and responsive customer service from any device – welcome to a better insurance experience. Welcome to Battle Face.

About sample insurance

Pattern is a global InsurTech MGA that enables online travel, leisure and events companies to design, build and distribute innovative insurance offerings seamlessly in their customer journey. Pattern Protections address risks related to plan changes, travel disruptions, inclement weather and medical supplies, among others, to boost consumer confidence and increase revenue. To learn more, visit or E-Mail [email protected].

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