Archwest Capital launches bridge financing for single-family homes


Archwest Capital, a California-based direct lender specializing in real estate lending solutions, has added bridge financing for single-family residential investments to its diverse portfolio of lending products. Drawing on the leadership team’s experience working with the nation’s top real estate developers and financial institutions over the past 20 years, the founders formed Archwest Capital last year to help real estate investors meet housing needs across the country. While Archwest initially focused on multifamily and mixed-use properties, Archwest’s newest product now offers single-family home bridging loans for experienced investors focused on fix-and-flip programs and construction projects from the ground up.

As the US housing shortage nears 5 million units, the real estate industry faces rapidly aging inventory and stagnant development. The average age of homes is now around 40 years and more than a third of these occupied units need repairs. In addition, new construction of single-family homes is currently at its slowest pace in almost 30 years. This expansive demand for housing is coupled with a pandemic era that has seen remote workers make space and privacy paramount to prospective homebuyers. With this demand, it has become crucial to the recovery of the housing market to create and maintain new housing stock while at the same time rehabilitating the existing stock.

With rising construction costs and a shortage of workers, investors rely heavily on financing partners with competitive conditions, experience and execution reliability. Archwest Capital’s lending strategy is designed to fill these gaps with commercial financing at lower interest rates, higher LTVs and a rapid turnaround process for experienced investors to acquire, rehabilitate and develop single family homes.

“Flexibility and agility are keys to succeeding in real estate today as the industry faces a steep climb to keep pace with the demands of the housing market,” said Shawn Miller, CEO of Archwest Capital. “More than ever, investors need an experienced partner who can offer creative and structured underwriting in an ever-evolving market with the assurance that the deal cut will be executed seamlessly. Our team is proud to return with business financing focused on fix and flip loans and home construction financing to support single family home investors.”

Archwest’s leadership team has sold and repositioned three financial companies over the past 20 years, with the founders behind some of the nation’s largest lending and wealth management firms, most recently under the 5 Arch Funding Corp brand. The Archwest team has managed more than $8 billion in assets and originated more than $3 billion in business loans.

The addition of single-family home bridging loans marks an expanded breadth and depth of Archwest’s offering. Archwest also offers bridging and permanent financing for multi-family, mixed-use and commercial properties.

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